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                San’an Becomes Extra Large Taxpayer in 2015

                On May 20, Chen Jiannan, member of the Standing Committee of Siming District, Xiamen and secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection, Liu Haitao, deputy director of District Finance Bureau, and Qi Xiuxiu, Lianqian Road street officer, visited San’an and issued the honorary medal of Extra Large Taxpayer for 2015. President Lin Xiucheng and General Assistant Huang Ruiguang of Easepal attended this ceremony.

                In 2015, San’an has realized a tax payment of more than 700 million Yuan and become the largest taxpayer in the Siming District. Easepal also realized a tax payment of 80 million in 2015. To commend the advanced enterprises, promote economic development and set the example, the Siming government granted San’an and Easepal the honorary title of “2015 Siming Extra Large Taxpayer”.
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