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                Vice Premier Ma Kai Visits Tianjin San’an

                May 25, 2016, the CPC Central Committee Politburo member, Vice Premier Ma Kai Tianjin Electric Co., Ltd. to visit the guidance of Tianjin Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Huang Xingguo accompanied the study. Accompanied by the inspection of the Ministry of Industry and Vice Minister Xu Dazhe, Vice Minister of Science and Technology Yin and Jun, National Development and Reform Commission Party member Sunlin, Wang Dongfeng, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee.
                Accompanied by the company’s General Manager Wang Duxiang and Secretary Yang Pengfei, Ma Kai and others paid a detailed visit to the production workshops and listened to the report on the company’s development and achievements given by responsible person of the corporation. Vice Premier Ma Kai highly appreciated the company’s independent innovation achievements and encouraged Tianjin San’an to adopt various methods to protect the independent innovation achievements and independent intellectual property rights at home and abroad. He also emphasized on actively promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and making the enterprise bigger and stronger.

                Obtaining independent talent appraisal qualifications will help the company create better work environment to attract and retain talents, further increase growth channels and space for its professionals and first line technicians and vigorously advance its talent team construction, innovation and R&D. 
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